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Old Man Doom
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Old Man Doom As a former Priest of the Holy Roman Catholic Church I felt this was perfect in projecting the roundabout wholesomeness of the Religion. Also these guys would make great Papal material and eventually Sainthood. Now say 20 Hail Marys and drink a bottle of bourbon. Favorite track: Harvest.
The Goon
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The Goon Good 'ol American metal. A more diverse sound on this one; less death, more pope. The addition of clean vocals is a nice touch.
Alexander Vikhrestiuk
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Alexander Vikhrestiuk An excellent blend of death metal growls, hard-hitting doomy riffs and clean vocals. Fell in love with this EP almost instantly. Favorite track: Harvest.
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Aggressive Rhythm 2016


released September 6, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Evan Perino, June 2016
Mastering by Azimuth, July 2016
Artwork by Marc Christoforidis
Music stolen by DMP

DMP is:
Father Damn
King Pinecone
Sir Gusmo Husmo Chusmo



all rights reserved


DMP New York

Halloween Rock

New York / Virginia

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Track Name: Harvest
My discovery, a gift I did not want;
A field so plentiful, in stalks of gold I rot.
These voices sing to me,
Oh, it must be their time.
Through summer suns I cut, relieve the burdened mind.

Fanged deliverance on wings of sand
The cowards only run
In fate, in happenstance
The gift of God, the ebb and flow now one

A pain so deep inside
You suffer then you die
Hands fused with Judgement’s scythe
Come Harvest

Untethered negligence has led me on my way
Somehow I couldn’t see that I would face this day
If I could take it back,
You know I’d give my life
Yet still, I till the land as heart turns cold as ice.

A beast of many names
I now assume the title of but some
My head is in my hands
I work the land wait for the kingdom (come)

Be still my hand
The World’s conscience
Flows through this land
I hear all of it
Track Name: From The Dust Returned
Pain indescribable each lonely night
The bottle speeds the poisoned life
Begging for release from a God so hateful
My lesson learned, not once and not twice

From the dust returned my demons rise
Reaching for my heart, my words
Now lies

Numb to the world outside, it blinds the eye
Swallow my man, it’s good, it’s fine
Chemical embrace – synthetic womb so dangerous
Safe in my shell, but what’s the price?

From the dust returned, the beast now rise
Reach into my heart and feed me lies
Drink the oceans deep
The rivers dry
Consequences are not yours, just mine
Track Name: Miserable Existence/Unrest
Give me the shovel
I’ll do it myself
Her legs in the cellar
Her arms in the shed
Her head’s in the grave
This isn’t a nightmare
Can’t wake from this dream
I watched as they burned
And they tore
And they screamed
Their minds gone insane

Cut them to the bone
I’ve got no second option
Silence them all

Shine frozen moon on me
No shelter from damnation
Full of regret
Is Done

My own kingdom,
Here I sit upon my throne
I don’t need them
I said I’m better off alone – I lie and feel such doubt

Sever my hand
A world of reason overthrown
Deadly sentence
The damned, the doomed, it’s all I’ve known.
You fuckers
Track Name: Young Graves
The silence echoing through dreams not my own
A rage so unrestrained
So out of control
Force fed mental violence, something obscene
Bleed through the world and kill the inside

Time slowed
Through blurry eyes

These young graves, they speak your name
For eternity; resurrection
“Live with shame.”

So now they’ve taken you
Your burdens now lay
In keeping consistent, you couldn’t have stayed
Flowered grievances
Stay here with me
Take someone else, please don’t say goodbye

Sick truth
Soul’s gone away