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Old Man Doom
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Old Man Doom Nosferatu on the cover is a good indicator of what's to happen. Good riffs on this little threefer. Their other album is a definite buy also. Perfect for serenading the grandkids to sleep. Just kidding. This shit will wake 'em up and get them moving. It'd be cool checking out this band live. Favorite track: 13 Devils.
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Recorded by Evan Perino in March 2017
Mastered by Azimuth in April 2017
Released by Aggressive Rhythm April 2017


On Tour w/ Rhythm of Fear
May 17 - June 4


released April 25, 2017



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DMP New York

Halloween Rock

New York / Virginia

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Track Name: 13 Devils
Kill the lights and dim the warmth inside
Call on the thief of broken dreams
Diseased existence bleed the pain of your creation
Will you still come to me in sleep?
Left alone

13 devils
1,000 ghosts
13 devils - one host

You know this place, somehow you've been before
Under gnarled pine, you stay
Phantom specter, twisted creature of damnation
Summon them all and come what may
Turn to stone

Drag your coffin through the dirt
Rot with me

Try to reason through the hurt
Burn for me
Track Name: Lord of the New Depression
Wrath invoked
I call your name
Watch me burn
You'll love my pain
Seasons of torment invite me
A slave, I will always obey
A vial of blood
Just to further my sickness - my love
You will stay

King of sadness
Your eyes turn black
Once you've seen them
No coming back
When twilight's your only companion
But even the moon wishes death
You'll pray through psychosis and madness
You'll pray until there's nothing left

Welcome the doomed and the dead
Hopeless and terrified
Through darkness their innocence
Led to never again see their home